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Create a story where people can gather and bring about change
have a world of BH COIN


Create a New Future
through innovation
Let's contribute to human society.


Through social economy
by creating new values,
Let's realize a healthy and hopeful world.

Discover the principles behind our vision of the future.
"BH COIN to Contribute to Human Society through New Future Creation Innovation"

Management Philosophy

Innovative company to create a new future
Creating new values
Innovation in the E-Business Model
1. Ocean Health and Natural Healing
2. Promoting Friendship between Korea and China, Korean Wave Service
3. Support for high-quality medical beauty tourism services for foreign tourists

Core value


With future creation innovation
Global Innovator Company


Blockchain Based Easy
payment system platform


To contribute to human society
social value creation


BH Coin Value

It's time for a structured and transparent crypto-investment system like the traditional IPO market

Cryptocurrency feels like there are no different environments and entities. BH coin will realize its value as a real currency that can be paid in real life. It will give many foreign tourists confidence in convenience and race into a better-improved system to establish a BH coin payment system platform.


Main contents

Ganghwa, where the history and tradition of Korea are alive, is a beautiful top-of-the-line resort.
In the center of culture adjacent to Incheon International Airport, Ganghwado Island, which has a variety of food
and attractions such as healing, marine healing, mountain climbing, marine leisure, and various food and shopping, is a must-see place.

Medical tour

Genetic testing through human cell bio and immunocyte stem cell inoculation and cell Banking Samsung Hospital, Asan Medical Center, Seoul National University Advanced medical checkups and surgery linked to hospitals

Plastic surgery tour

NAMU plastic group, easy to access, such as the Cheongdam Ellen Center.
The hospitals in Seoul,
Join Together Plastic Beauty System

Recreation tourism

Marine Health Care and
natural healing


Korean cosmetics are main stream of Korean
wave in China and Southeast Asia.
It is importance to Korea's economy
in the future and will be an indicator.

Korea tour

Jeju Island tourism, etc.

Arts tourism

Korean Star Performing Arts

Online medical information
and service

Use Department Stores, Duty-free Shops,
Convenience Store

Online Shopping

White Paper

To bring about change, to create a story.
Suggest BH coin.